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Memento was born in the far 2006 in the thick fog of the Pianura Padana area, between Mantua and Bologna which is worldwide famous not only for Tortellini and Parmesan but also for Techno Music and the deep style. A city that keeps always an eye on the first steps of the far Detroit.
It was born from the encounter of two future great friends: Idriss D and Fabrizio Maurizi.
The former is a Parisian dj who fell in love with Italy and the latter is a tireless after hour dj from Bologna.

Berlin and the minimal style showed their power during those years and our 2 cowboys decided to give their contribution to the scene creating partly for fun the label Memento.
But fun became suddenly serious: the first Fabrizio's release "Hasta la Baldoria Siempre" (under the pseudonym of Roger) quickly was at the top of the charts Decks and Beatport becoming soon a killer floor in Europe.
Techno sounds, irresistibly funk with Fidel Castro's voice, it showed, well in advance of the modern styles, all the opportunities of this musical code. After a little while one of Fabrizio's dreams became true: his majesty Richie Hawtin called him and Fabrizio became to all intents and purposes one of the Minus artists.
But Memento project is far to be over!

They were convinced that the label should grow their own artists, discovering new local talents, here the second release of a young new-comer from the "well-read" Bologna: Matteo Vanti.
The Ep called "Go straight on" showed how the research of an easy style is not the aim of Memento: Matteo's sound is dark but constantly supported by groove which is going to be typical in his art even in the future, he uses rhythmical elements which are able to stir every dance floor; all this is mixed with expert elements of "one shot" synth which make them a guaranteed minimal weapon fort the peak time.
The third release was not long in coming, one of the creator of the project, Idriss, the future manager of the label, took the field: our Parisian cowboy made us understand with the track "Envirorment" how an hypnotic plot with romantic shades can perfectly go with the techno materiality creating a perfect mix of two continuously intersecting worlds assuring a trip into the deep. Furthermore the track with the Arabian Nights' flavour reveals the origins of our beloved Iris: he is the first French-Algerian dj/producer that peeped in the marvellous world of techno music.
The Berliner Bloody Mary took care of the remix that added a more deep-house plot.

The next year, 2009, saw the birth of Memento Plus.
It's normal that sounds and style change like a bat out of hell and Memento Plus wanted to be the closest platform to the house style giving the chance to the label's artists but not only them to express another side of their personalities.
The debut is made by Paolo Cavicchioli (already known as Paul C, the owner of the label Polar Noise) with the track "Revolution", an engaging groove tech-house supported by a vocal hook which will define the entire genre for the next two years; the remix was made by Arnaud Le Textier, an experienced French artist who lives in London, founder of the Safari rec (he doesn't need any presentation).
The second record of Memento Plus consists in two tracks "Aicha" by Idriss , a never-ending tunnel defined by minimal archetype and dark voices, and "Day" by Danilo Vigorito, progenitor of the Napolitan scene and worldwide famous for it.
As the title suggests "Day" is a bright track which is focused on a percussion groove which sticks to the body and doesn't leave, just like the Neapolitan school can do.

The research of new talents for Memento never ends, let's talk about the Memento 004 "Crazyrouter" made by Lino Pugliese aka Linuz.
The young artist coming from beautiful Puglia but already adopted by Bologna seems to be born in Detroit if we consider his mastery in using deep and techno sounds which comes from that area.
"Crazyrouter" goes quickly to the top of the charts and is one of the favourite tracks of Marco Carola, Luciano, Paco Osuna etc...
Our young Lino, just to show his talent, will found with his friend UES the duo Pulpyt and release the ep with the label All Inn.
Memento ends 2009 with a digital Xmas Compilation, ten tracks made by artists and friends of the label.

This year is a little calmer. 2010 for Memento starts as a year of reflection and future projects: music industry is a permanent bloodbath, one needs to collect the thoughts and listen to the heart.
We restart next February with another, needless to say, young promise of Tortellini's land: Gas (Enrico Gasperini), raised with Moodyman, he proposes us his "Don't Stop", where his "dark" soul emerges impetuously.
His groove is an endless spiral, he uses in a masterly fashion typical sounds of famous instruments like Roland 909 and 808 and he mixes them with synthesized sounds of an epic flavour which appear and then vanish. Everything is refined with a vocal sample which, as a pendulum, reminds us that hypnotic trip "doesn't Stop".
This release marks the comeback in the label of Fabrizio Maurizi that presents a remix tailor made for a big floor: a driving groove, synths that grow until the break and clap and snare explosions which are already Fabrizio's trademark.
A few months later the Ep "The Scared of Boom" made by Danny Benedettini marks the Memento's only digital first experience. Thanks to Danny's style (young from the celebrated and dancing Adriatic Riviera) the ep is very electro, totally personal and excellently made. As he is a big fan of Magda he produces deep and decadent electro atmospheres from the 80', the expert use of past synths takes us back to a decade from where, we all know, we cannot escape. It seems to be a choice which goes against Memento's mainstream but it is counterbalanced by the absolute mastery of the artist.
After a little break concerning the releases (but absolutely not for our djs, who are working hard to rock the dance floors during these hot months) Memento is ready to start again. Soon it will be released "Sex Gas" by Marco Effe, a young artist from Tuscany who came to the spot-lights thanks to some releases with some labels like Cecille and Sci-Tec. Marco's talent is an indisputable fact and the track won't fall short of your expectations, the groove tool is incredibly gripping, has a tumbling bass and a sexy soul. Its breathtaking break will make you close the eyes and raise the hands at every start over.
The release features an absolute prestigious remixer roster. Memento thinks that now it's the time to make the project more international assigning the task to expert friends/artist to make the project grown, making particularly a fellowship with producers that have been spotted this summer like real "vagabundos" in the marvellous "Isla".
"Sex Gas" will be remixed by :Lee Van Dowsky, Mirko Loco, Arnaud le Texier, Paco Osuna, Daniel Sanchez , Mikel E & Soul Rack.

Artists / Fabrizio Maurizi.

Fabrizio Maurizi (a.k.a Roger on the Italian scene) is a native of Bologna (Italy), a city that has always paid particular attention to the original Detroit Techno movement, making it the perfect place to grow up in terms of music.
After a brief spell as part of the city's militant illegal rave scene Fabrizio soon graduated to residencies at some of the most important clubs in the country. Fascinated by the Neapolitan techno scene and above all, by the first time he saw Richie Hawtin playing, his sound started moving in a resolutely minimal direction.

Fabrizio started producing his own sounds, switching to music software programs after 10 years of studying piano. Completely hooked on very low bassline frequencies, his tracks explore the sometimes dark, sometimes funky side of techno, using completely mad vocal samples to give his music a unique flavour.

Fabrizio definitely has DJing in hisblood, liking nothing more than to lead the dancefloor out of darkness into light and vice versa, allowing his music to slowly evolve through the interplay of rhythmic analogue elements and jumping basslines.
Motivated by dreams of one day being part of the Minus family, he made the decision to only send his music to Richie. Maybe this was too ambitious...but he was convinced it was the right way.
Artists / Idriss D.

His approach to music started when. just forteen, he got his first turntables from his friend Mc Brown and then went on in famous clubs in Paris, such as Folies de pigalle, where he started to be known. Then he decided to move to italy because Algeria and France had already given him what he had been looking for, while Italy was still to conquer.
Thanks to his talent, style, determination and hypnotic dance stylizations, he has managed to play in some of the most popular clubs such as Echoes, Cocoricò and Red Zone. He has not only achieved great success playing in the clubs, but he also is the owner of some brand new labels. One of this, managed with his friend Fabrizio Maurizi is called Memento aloe and db artists musique. Idriss now is resident at cocorico riccione and amnesia milano,two huge clubs in european scene.
Artists / Matteo Vanti aka Matthé.

Matteo Vanti aka Matthe inizia ben presto ad avvicinarsi alla musica elettronica.

Fin dalla nascita il padre (Dj anch'esso) lo educa preziosamente alla musica afro, ed i primi approci di Matteo con i piatti riguardano proprio queste sonorità. In età adolescenziale il passo verso la techno non tarda ad arrivare, e di lì a poco anche i primi mixati. La sua prima comparsa nel mondo dei club avviene nella sua città (Bologna) in uno dei contesti più avanguardistici della penisola, il Cassero. In quella cornice partecipa al concorso con cadenza annuale per i migliori dj emergenti della regione vincendolo, così facendo ne ottiene la residenza. In poco tempo è ospite a Napoli (Minimalismi), a Barcellona ( Moog) ed ancora a Bologna (Selecta e The Club).

Affascinato dalle atmosfere minimali si avvicina ben presto anche al mondo delle produzioni, e questa è storia recente. Sarà infatti recensito nelle prossime settimane il suo primo Ep sull'etichetta Memento. A Matteo infatti, è stata affidata la seconda release dopo la prima uscita del suo amico e compagno di studio Fabrizio Maurizi (aka Roger).
Il suono di Matthe è di sicura impronta techno, affidando alle frequenze di basso il ruolo di protagonista, passando dalle atmosfere dark a quelle più funk, dando la giusta importanza alla matrice profonda di reminescenza detroit.
Artists / Arnaud Le Texier.

In 1990 Arnaud Le Texier started his career as a DJ in the region of Rennes in Western France. Inspired by the work of artists such as Herbie Hancock, The Orb, Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd, Arnaud began mixing at rave parties alongside various established DJ's and later launched the weekly club party "Promised Land" at L'Espace. It was during this period that he met Nova Nova (from the F Communication label) and he collaborated on the maxi single EX EP.

After several years of managing the record shop "Club News" in Rennes, Arnaud moved to Paris where he managed another well known record shop. It was here that his career as a DJ really began to develop. Performing at the top clubs in Paris and worldwide, Arnaud soon had a residency at Queen that lasted five years, mixing with some of the worlds best DJ's and the best clubs in Paris. During this period Arnaud also did many mixes for Radio FG, one of France's leading electronic music stations, including a special broadcast.
As well as touring all over France for many sponsored parties, Arnaud Le Texier also performed internationally in countries such as Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, USA etc. At the end of the year 2000 he played in Miami alongside British DJ James Warren and the two artists decided to launch the UK based labels; Atcha Recordings, which experimented with Deep House and Trip- Hop, and Kailash Records which explored Tech-House, Break beat, Techno and Electro sounds.

At the end of 2004 Arnaud and James launched Safari Electronique, which concentrates on more experimental and minimal sounds. its vision of mixed experimentation, sensuality and dance-floor grooves. Safari rapidly got recognition on the international scene for the high quality and diversity of its output such as : Arnaud Le Texier, D'Julz, Italoboyz, Shinedoe, Damian Schwarz, Miss Fitz, Luca Bacchetti, Ekkohaus and Johnny D are just some of the names that have appeared or are about to publish on the label since then.
At the beginning of 2006 Arnaud decided to live in London where he plays in different clubs or parties such as Fabric, T Bar, Multi Vitamins, The Key, Vertigo, The Egg, Minimal Hospital, Secret Sundaze After etc …).
Arnaud is a perfect blend of natural talent and raw flare with very distinctive music. Through his focus on music quality and originality, as well as his performances on an international level.
Artists / Lee van Dowski.

Lee Van Dowski: The very name exudes style and intrigue—a countrylord, perhaps, who at night throws open the manor gates to host all-night bacchanals legendary for their wine and song.
And though the French-born, Geneva-based artist may not have a manor to his name, the rest isn't far off the mark. Born Renaud Lewandowski, Lee has earned a reputation as a kind of dark prince of uplifting electronic music—a trickster who spreads his mischief via long, undulating DJ sets and bewilderingly funky releases. And he's done this in a remarkably short span of time. In 2004, he and Philippe Quenum released the well-received "Extension"/"Oregon" single for Luciano's Cadenza label; since then Lee has gone on to unleash a deluge of material on labels like Mental Groove, Bpitch Control, Memo, Plak, Defrag Sound Processing, Mobilee, Leena, Wagon Repair, Soma (where Lee and Quenum also released their collaborative album, As Told On The Evening Of…) and still more. He's a regular fixture at some of the world's most celebrated nightclubs—Weetamix, Panorama Bar, Goa, Rex Club, D edge etc…and even more celebrated afters. And as the director of two labels—Num, alongside Quenum, and 60Sec, with Agnes—he's released dozens of records from the likes of Ripperton, Mike Shannon, Dachshund, Alex Attias and many more.

But while it's been a comparatively rapid ascent, Lee's roots go deep. His musical prehistory may be similar to many of his generation: raised on rock and hip-hop, complete with the obligatory attempt to learn to play guitar followed by short-lived bands with schoolmates. But Lee was the beneficiary of his stepfather's eclectic musical tastes, which spanned classical, jazz, funk, rock and even musique concrete and academic electronic music. "I was fascinated by the metallic sleeves and their geometrical designs," he remembers, suggesting a possible source for the shimmering timbres and clever vectors of his own music. The pieces first fell together in 1993, when a friend invited Lee to attend a rave in southern France, near where he lived. "That was the shock of my life," says Lee, echoing a sentiment that will be familiar to many. "That was what I was looking for, without really knowing it— thousands of people dancing and sweating in the open air. An amazing soundsystem. And this never-ending kick that drives you to madness… Since that day, I've devoted my life entirely to being a part of this." Lee got involved with the infamous Dragon Bal raves, where Miss Kittin got her start; he worked mundane jobs, saved money, bought decks and a mixer and taught himself to spin. He came to production the same way, beginning with an MPC2000, but translating the sounds in his head into its fat, blocky pads wasn't as easy as it seemed. His ambitions took Lee to Geneva, where he earned a degree in music engineering, but it may have been his next job, working in a Lausanne music shop, that really signaled his entry into the world of electronic music. "Even if the boss was a crazy guy, the shop was like a goldmine, full of gear and old analog synths, drum machines, all the recording and mixing tools you could dream of," he recalls with awe. He took advantage of his employee discount to build out his studio, and just as importantly, the shop served as a focal point for all the area's musicians. It was here that Lee would meet both Quenum and Luciano—and from there, as they say, the rest is history.
There's no single description for Lee's productions, which have proved unusually malleable in his half-decade of releases; an early interest in the skittish rhythms of labels like Warp and Skam remains evident, but reformatted for the supple grooves of deep house and classic minimal techno. His time in the Lausanne music shop clearly served him well; Lee's tracks immediately stand out for their fine sense of detail, an almost intangible shimmer. Utilizing samples, drum machines and all manner of synthesizer, Lee's music remains open to every possibility. "It's an empirical process," he says of his method. "Each sound or loop brings me to the next one, and so on, until the moment that I feel I have all the elements I need to finish the track. Of course, there are always surprises and accidents—that's what makes the magic in writing music."

Lee's DJ sets are similarly spirited. "Technically, I like to surprise myself," he says. "I like to do a long, smooth mix, and then a radical one… It's important for me to try telling a story, so of course your technique is another way of doing that, along with the music itself. With time and with age, maybe, the tempo really decreased—I think I play a bit deeper now than five or six years ago. But I still love a good, bouncy track if it's not too aggressive, and if the energy serves the groove instead of breaking it." Slowing down also means stretching out. "I like to play long sets," he continues, "when you don't have to rush, and you can really forget yourself and build something different."
2009 finds Lee stretching out as never before. The year began with his Free For All Crash Endeavors, released on his and Quenum's Num label, and The Variable Man (Leena), with one track featuring Lee's longtime colleague Agnes; Lee also collaborated with Anja Schneider for Mobilee's 50th release, "Deseo"/"La Roulette" which was shortly followed by "Survival Edit" One Sided On Saf Series. Further releases include the toast of techno, up-tempo "Glass Ep" dropped on Material Series. "Let's Go Bowling" is a summer jackpot, packed with the kind of dancefloor stamina to make you weak at the knees. But the year's biggest development may be Lee's return to Cadenza, the label that helped launch his career five years ago. Just like the best kind of DJ set, Cadenza knows when to switch it up and with its 36th release this year, what better way to celebrate than with a new collaboration for Lee and newcomer, Glimpse on a split EP. The only unsurprising thing about the "La Cocina Del Cabron" is how hard the track hits. Lee is now part of Cadenza Booking, a family-style roster that includes Luciano, Thomas Melchior, Petre Inspirescu, Rhadoo, Mirko Loko and many more of electronic dance music's most innovative players.
This summer will also host Luciano's new groundbreaking project "Æther." The term "Æther" means the personification of the 'upper sky', space or heaven and is a phrase used in both science and engineering but also in music. Essentially, Luciano will conduct 5 musicians from the CADENZA label, including Reboot, Digitaline, Mirko Loko and Lee himself in a live one hour set. The dynamics of a conductor orchestrating with the use of colour, will like never before, make you see sound and taste the bass, it's mind-bending stuff. From Tokyo to Liverpool, this event will pull out all the stops and is not to be missed. The Count Lee has returned to his Swiss manor, the gates are wide open, and the beat is beckoning.
Artists / Paco Osuna.

Born in Barcelona. His passion for music started out when he was very young,at the tender age of 14 he was part of a regular crowd at Studio 54, where the most carismatic dj, Raul Orellana, was spinning Acid House, marking Paco in the way of understanding djing. In '94 Paco moved to Valencia where he had his frist contact with the decks as a hobby.
In '95 Paco made his first dj set as a profesional at the ACTV club, where he gained a year residency. After that, he started playing in many different clubs including Heaven and Universal. In the meanwhile he worked in a record shop, where he got access to a recording studio in wich he produced three singles for the label Lucas Records. In '99 he got a residency at Amnesia in Ibiza.

There he had the brillant opportunity to be line up with the biggest djs and could learn the different styles looking to build his own. Amnesia was also the place where Paco got in touch with the person who most influenced his future as much personally as professionally, Sven Väth, who soon discoverd Paco to be very talented and introduced him in his Cocoon Booking agency.
Paco was the frist Spanish dj to play for this prestigious agency. In 2001 Paco decided to leave house music moving closer to techno. From then on Paco's career has gotten better and better, leading him to the best clubs and festivals in the world and giving him a 'seat' in the techno scene.
Artists / Alex Picone.

Italian-born Alex Picone's passion for deep analogue-sounding grooves is all consuming.
Ever since he was a teenager, his whole life has been devoted to feeling, sharing and shaping hip-rolling house + techno. And, of course, it shows. Whether he's laying it down at top Italian clubs like Flow and il Muretto, or blasting it out in Berlin where he's now based, his ego-free approach to DJing attracts true underground party heads in droves.
Alex (aka Alessandro Picone) was born and grew up in Padova, where he started DJing in the mid-90s – when he was just 15 years old. His skills soon landed him regular slots at La Scala in Padova, and from there he began to organise his own house parties before bagging key residencies at Flow and il Muretto. Playing regularly at these clubs, alongside such international talents as Luciano, Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos, added a momentum to his musical evolution that later propelled him into the world of production.

It was in 2004 that Alex took his first steps as a producer, hooking up with Kay Sand (Francesco Sperotto) to form Chronic Flakes. Their funky-assed tracks quickly earned respect from the likes of Alex Neri, who released two Chronic Flakes' records on Bustin' Loose in 2005/6. Neri then unleashed Chronic Flakes' tech-house extravaganza, the Omnadawn EP, complete with a remix by Guido Schneider, on Tenax Recordings – and included 'Galicia' from this EP on his 2008 il Muretto mix. Alex was on a roll and after six years of living between Padova (in winter) and Ibiza (in summer) he finally adopted Berlin as his new home in late 08. Here he built on an existing relationship with a fellow Italian in Berlin: Lucretio, the label manager of Detroit's Mixworks.
Lucretio had already been mailing Alex's output to the mastermind of the Mixworks network, Buzz Goree, which led Alex to release 'Berlin Dub' as a part of the Persistence EP, Mixworks' debut release. He followed this up by returning to Mixworks as Chronic Flakes and nailing 'Numalbix', which came out on the Dance Tactics EP. 2008 also saw Alex put out his first full EP as a solo artist, Furby Floppy, on Luciano's Cadenza Records.
This won him nods from both peers and press, and 'Floppy' went on to feature on Luciano's Fabric 41 mix, while the slow-burning 'Berlin Dub' was included on Âme's Fabric 42. Bringing a warmer, more human feeling to mixing than many of his contemporaries, Alex has now played at such clubs as the aptly named Underground in Ibiza and Fabric in London. Plus Cadenza showcases around Europe, from Cocoon Club and Watergate in Germany to the buzzing Black Sea Coast of Romania. He also felt firsthand the force of Underground Resistance when he visited the US to play a couple of sets in Detroit during Movement DEMF 2009. First at a Mixworks' party, alongside Buzz Goree, Mike Servito and several other real deal DJs, then at an after-hours hosted by the irrepressible Seth Troxler.
2009 sees Alex continue to explore a subterranean landscape of beats through his groove-ridden Motherland EP on Bosconi Records. He also has a third release on Mixworks called 'No Kiss', which has already been supported by heavyweights like Luciano, Hawtin, Villalobos and Raresh.
And he's planning another EP, based around his new 'Mon Amour' track, complete with an exceptional remix from Chris Carrier. Then there's another Chronic Flakes collaboration, this time for Mike Shannon's Cynosure imprint. Not to mention fresh material born of his friendship with Argentinian adventurer Ernesto Ferreyra. Music. Playing it, producing it, and making it happen for the true heads. This is the fuel that fires the passion of Picone. A life lived for, and through, music.
Artists / Alfonso Leon.

Alfonso León is an up and coming artist from Santiago, Chile. He was exposed at a young age to the electronic scene in Santiago, which quickly inspired him to venture into creating his own productions. Having his first release in the cd compilation of Loveparade Chile 2005, under the pseudonym Skyfonik, he commenced his career as a Dj gigging throughout the club scene of Santiago.

 In 2012, Alfonso joined Luciano at his “Luciano and Friends” parties at Ushuaia Ibiza for the summer season, as resident Dj where he set the mood every Thursday for a stunning array of internationally acclaimed artists. He was also invited to play at the prized Cadenza "Vagabundos" nights at Pacha´s main room and Global room on various occasions, as well as in Vagabundos pre-parties at Cafe Mambo. Invitations by Next Wave, crowned Ibiza´s best underground party of 2012, Sankeys, Bubbles, Ibiza Global Radio and others were to follow.

​ Upon his return to Chile, Alfonso released a set on the weekly Cadenza Source to Cycle Podcast, and joined Cadenza Artist´s in the first Vagabundos party to be held in Chile, at Mysteryland Festival.

​ In March of 2013 he embarked on his first European tour sharing the stage with artists such as Luciano, Carl Craig, Dj Sneak, Âme, Laps and Dan Andrei, among others.

Entering the Ibiza summer season of 2013, Alfonso was called on once more to reside at "Luciano & Friends" for a second year, and at "Vagabundos" on their first season at the hot new venue Booom!. He also resides at Barcelona`s "Playeros", an underground club at the shore of Sant Adrià beach.
His first release was released in June to Italian imprint Memento Records, with a remix by Fabrizio Maurizi.
Artists / Ilario Alicante.

Born in late 1988 under the beautiful Livorno's sun (italy), the "enfant prodige" Ilario Alicante starts to raise is passion for music at the earliest years of his life,when his mother educated him to listen music for his own pleasure.
Time goes by and Ilario takes his first steps into italian nightlife and dj world,first with some average media,experimenting D.I.Y. mixes within the four walls of his own "epic" room and then digging a personal sound style until he gained the resident-title at "Pachamama Club" (in Pisa).

From this springboard he started hangin around the best italian,german and spanish clubs,finally landing into Cocoon's family,falling in love at first "sight" with house music and her thousand shades,waving from latino-ispanic from a minimal-electro sound.
At this point he devoted his production style only to these rhytms,also if his dj-sets are stuck to the quest of something special everytime.
Hardly inspired from artists such as Hawtin,Marco Carola,Villalobos and Luciano. The great bunch of Ilario's production are really estimated inside the international dj-system claque.
"Vacaciones en Chile" directly throws Ilario into the house music business,defining his supernatural talent with "Living Near Africa" (Cecille).

Playing also in 2008 at Rotterdam's Time Warp as the youngest act of ever,now he's unexhaustedly performing just in the best world clubs,under the flag of Sven Vath's Cocoon family and Deep Moves Rec.,his own record label.
Artists / Cesare vs Disorder.

Cesare Marchese aka Cesare vs Disorder (also Queen Atom / Cez / Sire Cactus). DJ, producer, record labels owner based in Berlin. Musician since very young age, Cesare has started spinning records back in 1997 after years of classic guitar, piano, percussions and bass. At the time the love for Hip Hop, Dub and Drum'n'bass led him to study Sound Engineering before getting professionally in contact with House and Techno music. Since he moved to London in 2002 he has kept studying and producing but also djing around the world (Uk, Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Belarus, Holland, France, Malta, Czech Republic, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, USA, Australia, Ukraine, Belgium) next to big names like Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, Craig Richards, Lee Burridge, Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss, Heartthrob, Konrad Black, Magda, Ryan Crosson, Alex Smoke, Audio Werner, Losoul, Cabanne, Onur Ozer, Miss Fitz, Inxec, From Karaoke to Stardom,Seuil, Daniel Dreier, Benno Blome, Jens Bond, Jamie Jones, Glimpse, Argy +++ Since 2006 Cesare has released Electronic music on labels worldwide such as: Vakant, Resopal, Clink, Stock5, Dumb Unit, Archipel, Mean, Thema, Serialism, Safari Electronique, Remake Musique, SthlmAudio.. He also owns/runs Mean and Serialism.
Artists / Daniel Sanchez.

Without a doubt, greatness had to emerge from DJ/producer/labelboss Daniel Sanchez. The Amsterdam based artist with Spanish roots was always about thinking forward, creating a buzz with every project he started. From making waves in the early 21st century Amsterdam nightlife to headlining gigs at the biggest events and festivals around the world, Sanchez has grown out to be a familiar force in nowadays electronic music.
Considered to be one of the most headstrong artists in the Dutch music scene, Daniel Sanchez has created a world of his own. After a series of legendary DJ-gigs in the underground technoscene of Amsterdam he quickly popularised his own events from scratch: Rotzooii, the popular boat party Mr Stubnitz and Bla Bla were parties where the best of techno, house and minimal was brought together, gaining an openminded audience like Sanchez himself always had it in mind.
Afer this, his career really took off. More gigs abroad, peak performances at events like Awakenings, Nature One, Time Warp, A Day At The Park and Welcome To The Future, tours through Europe as well as North and South America, and of course a hit record with 'Mumbling Yeah' which dominated clubs and festivals troughout '07 and '08.

Bla Bla
And then there was Bla Bla, at first an event, but soon also a record label and booking agency where same spirited artists were brought together. But as Sanchez' popularity increased, also Bla Bla became a household name for diverse and creative dance music. Following his personal career, the imprint went global; several showcases were held around Europe while artists at the label did worldwide gigs.
After his first album Untitled Concept (released under the guise Gimikk) was put out on renowned label Remote Area in 2009, Sanchez successfully released a sequel in 2011 on his own Bla Bla Records. On this album, aptly titled Cirkel, he fused sounds like minimal and dub to one mesmarizing listening trip.
"At this moment, there's a perfect balance", Sanchez explains. "The record label, the music, the gigs, the agency and my personal career, it all helps each other to gain strength. That's why I want to branch this out into a more international appealing brand. It would be cool to get the feeling and atmosphere I stand for across music scenes around the world."
Typically Sanchez, he has a clear vision, exactly knowing which path he wants to follow. "Dance music is a wide open market. I saw this during my tours in America, the audience and media attention is growing. Right now, they still combine dance music with hiphop and R'n'B influences, but it's only a matter of time before the straight up house music gets big as well. I'd like to be part of that, lift the underground sounds I love so much to a broad audience."

New chapter
So, a new chapter in the career of Daniel Sanchez has begun. On one hand there are still his always soldout Bla Bla parties in one of Amsterdams hottest clubs Studio 80, on the other hand Sanchez is working with big international events who acknowledge his view on where dance music is going.
Meanwhile he keeps releasing music (most recently on Richie Hawtins Plus 8 imprint) and staying ahead technically. After being the first DJ in Holland to use the Xone 3-D and 4-D mixer, he's now working on a special software controller for the iPad, presenting an app later this year.
"It all feels so good", he says. "I'm conquering new territory, musically and technically, while staying true to myself. That's the best place to be as an artist, making the future more interesting than ever."
Headstrong as always, Daniel Sanchez is now taking his influence to greater lenghts. From mumbling to full power of speech, he's come a long way indeed.
Artists / Okain.

Okain is already one of France´s biggest and youngest talents, and a producer with an exquisite taste and sense of harmony.
As a DJ, Okain is a creator of haughty sessions, achieving a lucid disposition between each one of the sonorous layers he craftily combines, generating great encounters with his crowd and leaving them completely seduced by his music.
As a producer, Okain highlights his most intense vibe: shrewd minimal active techno, redressed with melodic and penetrating textures, conceived through his great musical conscience.

Ever since 2008 Okain has explored his voracious hunger for production, releasing on labels like Tsuba, Je T'Aime Records, BPitch Control, and Quartz Music, in which, alongside Paul Ritch he has become one of the label major artists. Okain has already performed in many European countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Holland and the UK; proof of the long career that lie ahead for this talented, young producer.
Artists / Mirko Loko.

Swiss-born DJ/producer Mirko Loko has been doing his thing for more than a decade. Dispensing sounds that take shape at an invigorating intersection between Detroit-inspired techno and the subtle stripped-down side of house. As a DJ, he's played Detroit Electronic Music Festival, Miami WMC, Circoloco in Ibiza, Sven Väth's Cocoon Club in Frankfurt and the best clubs in Berlin, while recent productions include an EP on Loco Dice's Desolat imprint and a solo album on Luciano's Cadenza. Conveying a musical chemistry with the coolest of credentials – welcome to Mirko Loko's world!

Mirko was born in 1979 in Lausanne and has had an appetite for good music for as long as he can remember – even taking the name Loko because a record that was released in 1995 on the Chicago-based Relief Records inspired him. He first started DJing in the clubs of Lausanne in the late 90s and was soon snapped up by Couleur3 (Swiss national radio), who recruited Mirko as a DJ and programme planner between 1997 and 2001. During this time Mirko continued DJing nationally but also started playing out internationally. These gigs included Rex in Paris, Cielo in New York and even the 2001 Detroit Electronic Music Festival, where he was invited to perform by techno innovator Carl Craig. In 2003, Mirko moved from Switzerland to New York and accepted a residency at Christian Smith's techno party Tronic Treatment, which at the time was racking up such headliners as Richie Hawtin and Matthew Dear. All these experiences set the scene for what was to come and in the following year Mirko returned home to become artistic programmer at Loft Club in Lausanne.

In 2005 Mirko met fellow Swiss Ripperton and formed a production unit that would impact heavily on the scene over the next few years. Lazy Fat People's debut, 'Big City', was released in 2006 on James Holden's label Border Community, immediately propelling the guys into the spotlight. From there tracks followed on other influential labels, including Mathew Jonson's Wagon Repair and Carl Craig's Planet E. Of course, there were remixes too, like their reworking of Daniel Bell's classic 'Science Fiction' for Perc Trax and Oliver Lieb's 'Isotropy', which later featured on a James Zabiela compilation for DJ magazine. Plus the never to forget C2 remix, which Carl Craig created, of Fat Lazy People's Planet E release, 'Pixelgirl'. However, at the height of their success, in 2007, the duo decided to split to pursue solo projects… So Mirko moved on, remixing for Tania Vulcano and Tato's IsGud label as well as Alexkid's Imprimé Records. Between 2007 and 2009, he was also committed to his role as assistant programmer for the electronic side of Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Nevertheless, something different was brewing: the 'Mousa Big Band' track, a collaboration with Luciano that was included on their Family EP and released on Loco Dice's Desolat label, alongside Mirko's own productions 'Liah' and 'Serena'. In fact, so impressed was the Dice man that he played both 'Mousa Big Band' and 'Liah' during his 2008 Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1.

2009 is shaping up to be a key year for Mirko. He's already played the mighty Miami Space terrace for a Viva vs Cadenza party during WMC and forthcoming festival dates mean that he will be criss-crossing the globe to perform at, among others, Monegros in Spain, Lowlands in the Netherlands, Summer Sonic in Japan, Creamfields in the UK and Sonofilia in Mexico. Mirko also begins a fresh new venture with Cadenza boss Luciano. This time on a live, collaborative, colour coordinated 'visual music' show called Æther that premieres at festivals this summer. What is more, after enchanting the golden ears of dons Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano, he has just released his debut solo album – Seventynine – on Cadenza. This is as much a tribute to his inspirations as it is a testament to Mirko's talent and kindred musical spirit. A spirit that is now as warmly welcomed by the Cadenza family as it is around the world!
Artists / Marco Effe.

Born and raised in Livorno in 1985, Marco is considered to be one of the most promising Italian talents. In just such a short time, thanks to his record productions that are always supported worldwide by the best artists in the clubbing scene, he succeeds in affirming himself straigt to the sector of the international major's level.
Studio partner's and his friends are Ilario Alicante and Romano Alfieri, in 2007 he began to compose his own music and immediately the desire grows in him to publish his first release and he did "Wet June ep" witch was released in November 2008 receiving a lot of recognition and was a great success!
From that moment on his activity subsequently intensifies and Marco has the opportunity to acquire his relationships working together with an established label such as Big City Beats (Frankfurt).

Marco's talent is revealed and he is hungry to do more, and he did it again touching the spirit of the time as he released "Malaysia / Muar ep" (one of his ep's numerously played by Richie Hawtin in 2010) on Break New Soil, Gregor Tresher's marvellous label.
This allows him create a close collaboration which brought Marco to join the Dj booking agency "family affairs" and work together with some of the most famous & high-ranking international artists of today.
In spring 2010 he returns with a new release on the album "Cécille Italy" his track is called "Janet" that expresses 100% of his unmistakable House / Tec style, edged by sought and elegant sonority which are also to find on his "From Kalida To Hyden ep" published on Dubfire's brilliant Label "Sci+Tec".
Thanks to his accurate technique, he keeps his dj set unique, always succeeding in conquering the crowd, amusing and delightfully he presents his style in the best clubs & festivals the electronic music scene has to offer.
Artists / Enrico Gasperini aka gAs.

Formerly known as "gAs", is an italian DJ/Producer based in Bologna.
Grown in the most creative town in Italy he has moved to the underground scene attracted by the contaminations between the new electronic/minimal sounds and the old-school house/techno music: his sound is always groovy and soulful.

As a producer he had received many positive feedbacks and now he's part of the MEMENTO RECORDS roster, an upcomer indie label founded by Fabrizio Maurizi from M-nus Rec. and Idriss D.
Other tracks has been released on Orion Muzik (IT), Metis Recordings (FR), Sunplay (IT) and Led Records (IT).
Artists / Lino Pugliese aka Linuz.

Lino Pugliese, better known as Linuz, practices the art of dj-ing from a little boy. After finishing high school in his birth town he decides to continue his study in Bologna. It's here that he enriches the underground culture by visiting establishments that always have attracted special attention to the House Chicago and Techno Detroit movement.

At the end of 2006 he begins to compose music and after a short while he sends the first demo's to some labels in Bologna, where he publishes his first: 'Day Zero / Zuu Loop', in cooperation with Miguel Sar, better known as Tadeo (Apnea), who creates a remix for him.
Immediately after that he releases a for Fabrizio Maurizi's (Minus) label 'Memento', getting excellent feedbacks from international producers like: Marco Carola, Magda, Ambivalent, Fabrizio Maurizi, Anthony Collins, Danilo Vigorito and many more.

In june 2009 he starts a new collaboration with Andrea in arte U.E.S., with the project 'Pulpyt', appreciated and printed by the famous and historical french label (Robsoul Recordings) of Phil Weeks , that recorded artist's like dj Sneack, Chris Carrier and other important name's. The sound of Linuz is connected with house, minimal, techno deep and can be appreciated in the labels: Memento, Bla Bla, Orion Muzik, All Inn...
Artists / Acirne.

Acirne è una giovane e promettente artista proveniente dalla Sardegna, Italia.
Ha iniziato la sua carriera come VJ di successo con lo pseudonimo di Crème brulée. Nel 2007, ha iniziato il suo percorso di verso la produzione musicale. Il suo stile rappresenta una miriade di influenze, non solo musicali ma anche derivanti dalla sua esperienza passata nel mondo dell'arte visiva.

Proprio per questo il suo suono non è facile da definire: radicato nella no-man's land tra funzionalità dancefloor e l'atmosfera home-made, a volte con infulenze la psichedelico-sperimentali, altre volte con la melodie accessibili. L'approccio non convenzionale di Acirne si riflette nel suo nome di un artista: è il suo vero nome, Enrica, ma scritto al contrario.
Oltre a comporre beats, Acirne è la fondatrice di T-Bet Records, che, nonostante la sua breve storia, è riuscita a ritagliarsi un proprio suono distinto in un mercato saturo di musica dance elettronica, rilasciando produzioni del calibro di Jay Haze, Alessio Mereu e Matteo Spedicati, guadagnando riconoscimenti da Resident Advisor. Acirne co-gestisce il marchio con i suoi colleghi Cherry Baker e il Signor Andreoni, che è anche il creatore delle tracce insieme ad Acirne, come duo di produzione Diamond Dog.

Diamond Dog ha debuttato ufficialmente nei primi mesi del 2010 con l'EP Mosaic (uscito il Contexterrior), sunto da molti dj del calibro di Adam Beyer, Chloé e Brothers Vibe. A seguire, il duo a appena prenotato una sessione di studio con Cherry Baker, i cui frutti sono: "When the Dog Eats the Cherry EP (T-Bet Records) e Mystic Woman EP (Tenax Recordings). Acirne ha ottenuto elogi non solo da DJ come Axel Boman e Kink, ma anche dal mondo stampa in tutta Europa: De-Bug (Germania), Dj Mag (UK) e Tsugi (Francia).
Oltre a sviluppare ulteriormente i live set di Diamond Dog - si occupa di elettronica. Acirne ha sviluppato una passione e per il DJing, e sta riscuotendo molto successo in tutta Italia, nei Club tra i più importanti e prestigiosi.
Artists / Argy.

Electronic music producers are unique individuals with the skills, tools and ideas necessary to imagine, write and produce transcendent music. Some are more than just musicians through; they represent a way of life that embraces innovation, technology, and communion through sound. They share it, travel it and some simply live it. Argy, aka Argyris Theofilis, born of Rhodes, Greece, is one of these rare artists – perhaps even the epitome of this way of life. Utterly dedicated to his work, Argy's passion bleeds through in everything he does, from interviews and conversations to creating deeply musical, yet strikingly state-of-the-art house music. Just 25 years old, the Berlin-based artist is already among the elite of the underground club scene. He seized the spotlight with the massive 2005 hit 'Love Dose', duly remixed and championed by Luciano, and hasn't stopped since.

In the past five years Argy has worked with an impressive array of labels ranging from Sven Vath's Cocoon and Dennis Ferrer's Objektivity to classic house imprint Ibadan and even Defected. Always seeking to break down barriers, Argy's studio collaborations and club events with New York DJs The Martinez Brothers have brought together audiences and sounds from formerly unconnected worlds, drawing inspiration from their mutual appreciation and friendship. This same spirit of collaboration is evident on Argy's first full-length project 'Focus on: Argy', released on Poker Flat in 2008, where he works with fellow music luminaries such as Jerome Sydenham and DJ Gregory, creating a fusion of influences rarely witnessed in techno music. Two subsequent DJ mix compilations: 'Cavo Paradiso 09: The Master Sessions' and 'D.Edge Sao Paolo' on his own imprint, These Days, confirm that Argy's output to date is only the tip of the iceberg. He has a rare talent for taking audiences on musical journeys they might never have imagined.
Argy developed his love affair with night-time culture as an teenager, thanks to memorable club experiences headed by the U.S. house scene's finest. Fascinated by the boldness and the power that the DJ could communicate, Argy dreamed of performing, using the concentration of the DJ to feed and fuel the response of the crowd. Fittingly, he has developed a unique style of mixing in key which allows him to combine everything and from classic techno to deep disco, weaving a sonic tapestry that defies easy categorization of genre or era.

This eclecticism carries over to his label These Days, which is an outlet for Argy's relentless pursuit of artistic perfection. The imprint rose in 2009 and has since released music from Argy, DJ Duke, The Martinez Brothers, Stephen Brown, Radio Slave, Beat Pharmacy, Jerome Sydenham and more. In addition to production duties Argy does everything from A&R to artwork, determined to make the label an "up-to-date yet timeless" ideas platform.

"I could never be a music purist," Argy says, "I find beauty in so many things." Among his fascinations are architecture, current affairs, visual art (growing up in Greece, he planned to be a painter before he discovered clubbing) and music as varied as bossa nova, jazz, Krautrock, and African trance.

Emanating clarity and focus – on both a personal and musical level – rare for one of his years, Argy represents a new breed of far-sighted talent driving modern electronic dance music. He considers the future with confidence. "I was taught that there is nothing that you cannot do, and that if you love it you will do it well", he says. And, as fans across the globe will testify, Argy does music very well indeed.
Artists / Pastaboys.

Dino Angioletti Uovo and Rame are the main brains behind the 'Pastaboys' Project, one of the most Internationally known dance Electronic Projects to come out of Italy in recent years.
Artists / Luciano.

In the beginning, DJs were faceless human jukeboxes that played at the whim of their audience. When dance culture boomed DJs became superstars, and fame and ego replaced love of the music.
Luciano represents a third way: he is both a single-minded artist completely devoted to music, and a performer whose charisma is an intrinsic part of his global appeal. Luciano fuses art and fame like no other DJ. As a result the humble, Swiss-Chilean DJ, producer and boss of Cadenza Records is one of the biggest stars of the global electronic music scene.

Born in Switzerland and raised in Santiago, Luciano fell under the spell of Detroit heroes like Juan Atkins and Model 500. Determined to share his passion for techno, he spun records in clubs where disgruntled rock fans stubbed out cigarettes on his vinyl. Undaunted, the teenage DJ continued, gradually winning a loyal following and pushing dance music to new heights in Chile.
At 21 he was playing to thousands at Santiago's Love Parade. His love of music had brought him fame. Most DJs would stop there but Luciano's outstanding characteristic is his refusal to rest on his laurels. "In life always you have an easy way and a complex way," he says. "The complex way has more rewards."
Luciano left Chile at 21 and moved to Europe, determined to push himself to new heights. He gradually invaded the inner reaches of electronic culture, thanks in part to South American associations like Ricardo Villalobos and Pier Bucci. He formed a partnership with Ibiza's most notorious underground club, Circoloco at DC10, which gave Luciano a perfect platform and a passionate audience for his irresistible, mind-altering blend of barebones techno and hot-blooded Latin rhythms. Word of his epic, emotional sets set the dance scene buzzing and, in 2006, Soma wooed him to make 'Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi. Vol 2' – a hands-on, vinyl mix that whetted public appetite for his organic, emotional soundscapes. Subsequently he released the acclaimed 'Fabric 41' mix for London superclub Fabric, and added his twist to the illustrious Radio 1 'Essential Mix'.

Luciano has never sought easy fame or fortune, though. He is fanatically dedicated to innovation – both in the studio and in live performance. His discography includes releases on revered labels such as Perlon, Peacefrog, Poker Flat, M_nus and Cocoon but his greatest achievement is founding Cadenza Records and its digital offshoot Cadenza Lab. In the course of a few short years Cadenza has taken its place as one of the most respected electronic labels on the planet, with robust and creative group of artists led by Luciano's example. As a DJ he has performed at virtually every major club and festival in the world, blazing a trail of music from Ibiza to Berlin, Peru to Tokyo, via London, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo and all points in between.

Always striving to bring new excitement to electronic music, he debuted multi-media show 'AEther Live' in 2009 – a futuristic synchronization of sound and music. However, Luciano never loses sight of the simple pleasures of dance. In 2009, when DC10 was shut for the summer, Luciano determined to bring back the underground spirit of Ibiza with a free party at a beach bar called Ushuaia. From a one-off event it exploded into the biggest party of the summer, packed with a mix of party people and industry elite yearning to experience the good vibes that made Ibiza famous.

Summer 2010 will be Luciano's biggest ever. He returns to Ushuaia for a Sunday afternoon residency, from 2PM till Midnight. Then he takes over Sunday night at Pacha, Ibiza's most famous club. Following the success of Ushauia in 2009 all Ibiza's clubs were clamouring for Luciano and he chose Pacha as the perfect destination to express his musical vision. As a result, the most-talked about debut on the island is Cadenza Vagabundos – which holds court every Sunday from 6 June till 26 September at Pacha, Ibiza. Once again, Luciano simply followed his passion for music and it led him to the pinnacle of success. But his loyalty is to his art and his fans. Not to the fickle charms of fame. "I don't do music to be recognised," Luciano says. "I do it because it's necessary for me. My only ambition is to stay close to what I love."
Artists / Todd Bodine.

Born in Berlin, Todd Bodine is a musical child par excellence of Germany's capital of electronic music. Strongly influenced by the atmosphere after the fall of the Berlin wall he took his first credits as a resident DJ in the world famous Tresor Club. The place where he performs his actionloaded DJ-sets once a month untill today.

But that's just one side of Todd's musical activities, being a DJ on the floors of international known clubs in Barcelona, Paris, Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro, just to name a few. Beside this career he's active as a producer since the year 2001 - and that with great success. At the beginning stood releases on the Berlin based Cabinet Record, followed by releases on Tom Clark's Highgrade Records, the swiss Morris Audio label and last but not least: Tresor Records. With Tom Clark he shares a longterm creative friendship, which is by all means not the only reason why Todd Bodine is an essential part of the Highgrade-artists-family, thus beeing one of the most profilic musicians from that label.

Beside several EP's, Todd Bodine allready did two albums: "Different Engines" was released in 2005 on Morris Audio, followed by "Surfaces" one year later on Tresor. Two hihglights in Todd's discography for sure, but clearly not the end. Other EPs on Treibstoff Records or Claude van Strokes Mothership label are belonging to his portfolio too. As well as a couple of remixes and releases on international known labels like Immigrant (Manchester) or Sub Conce (Spain). As if this is not enough, Todd works together with several musical buddies: Dub Taylor (a.k.a. Tigerskin), DJ FX from Berlin or the Frankfurt based Highgrade-newcomer Ludwig Coenen.

In march 2007 it was about time to take the next level of putting his musical visions into practice. After half a year of preparing it, Todd began to perform as liveact. He started this with a big bang - with playing live at Berlin's finest - the Panorama Bar. Another very successfull project of Todd was born. So he plays for instance both as a liveact and as a DJ across many floors all over Europe on the "Our Thing" clubtour 2008 to the Highgrade jubilee.

Without a doubt Todd Bodine has his own place in the rows of Berlins most important producers - on the one side as a heavily booked DJ, on the other side as a profilic producer or as an energetic live performing artist - whatever he's about, "it has to rock!"
Artists / Tom Clark.

Tom Clark is an original native of the city that is sometimes too often referred to as the capital of techno, Berlin. Unimpressed by the hype, Tom's label Highgrade is not only an integral part of Berlin's success story but also stands for the fresh and new sound of the city. Tom's own releases and DJ sets have been detonating on the dance floors of the city and the rest of the world for a decade now. Tom's passion for music began at an early age when he used to play a mix of Hip Hop, Disco, NDW and Rock on Cassette Recorders and one turntable at school parties. His class mates loved it, and so he became a DJ. He soon refined his taste in music: Black Music, Hip Hop, Chicago house and of course those amazing first Detroit records defined his style. At the beginning of the 90's he began a mini club night with some friends which gave his Dj career a real push. He was booked more and more for after-hours and parties until the larger clubs began to notice him. His reputation as an untiring, precise and emotional DJ soon brought him residencies at two of the cities most important clubs which have characterized Berlin as being the Technocity No 1worldwide: The Tresor and the E-Werk. Tom founded the now no longer existing label "Gold Plate Music" with a friend in 1997 to give the new Berlin club sound a platform. Highgrade Records was founded in 2000, a label with which he wants to take minimal house music to another level and discover new sounds. In ten years of Highgrade's existence it has become his main assignment to pick out the tracks, find new and exciting acts and take care of his artists. He puts together networks of like minded artists and DJ's and is planning label nights with befriended labels like Freak 'n' Chic and Wagon Repair at the legendary Berghain. He found the true friends and partners in Todd Bodine and Mariana Luzardo who have helped him to make the label as successful as it is today. Highgrade is constantly evolving over the years, working on an array of different projects and is loved and respected for its minimal and powerful Tech-House sound. Tom is booked worldwide as a DJ and has played every country in Europe, whilst becoming renowned in Australia. He has been booked in small intimate clubs as well as large Open Air Festivals "Down Under". Tom plays regularly at the Panorama Bar, Berghain, Watergate, Arenaclub and at the best after-hours in Berlin. His DJ sets have become synonymous for intense, diverse and suspenseful club nights. His style varies from minimal deep tech/house, Detroit Techno, Electro and House. So of course producing his own music was just a matter of time. Next to producing his own music he also does remixes for International top acts and has been featured on various imprints. His first album "King Tide" was released on the Swiss Minimal House label Morris/ Audio. Since that, he has released various Maxi's on Morris/Audio and other labels. His second album "Service Station" was released on Highgrade in 2006. Although being extremely busy with his label and club work he has still found the time to finish his third album "Pressure Points". An album which shows his musical development. In June 2010 he got the successful premiere of Highgrade's five piece "Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra Live", a laptop orchestra consisting of fellow label artists like Todd Bodine and Markus Homm. So we can definitely look forward to what Tom has in store for us next.
Artists / Soulrack & Mikel_e.

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